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The technology used for 3D printing has come a long ways over the last few years. 3D printers now come in all different sizes. They are able to print metal items, plastic items and can print them in different colors. The state of 3D printing is strong. 3D printers are now commonly found in homes, online stores, and businesses. There are even some supermarkets offering 3D printing services. With that said Pocket-lint takes a look at some of the coolest and craziest items printed with a 3D printers.

Some of the items include: a Rapid Racer powered by a 18V drill printed at Hawk University - The Urbee 2, a car expected to cross the US on 10 gallons of fuel - A 35mm film camera - And Lightweight downhill skis. To see to see images and descriptions all of the cool and crazy 3D printed items click on the link / title above.