Professor Victor Boucher of the University of Montreal's Department of Linguistics and Translation explains "We knew that repeating aloud was good for memory, but this is the first study to show that if it is done in a context of communication, the effect is greater in terms of information recall," The Professor goes on to say "The simple fact of articulating without making a sound creates a sensorimotor link that increases our ability to remember, but if it is related to the functionality of speech, we remember even more,"

It is common knowledge that there is a Pluto-size ball of burning solid iron at the very core of earth. However, how do we know for certain? We're talking about something 1,800 miles underground and burning hot. A Reddit member asked the question “How do we know that there is a Pluto-size ball of solid iron that makes up Earth’s inner core?” and UpVoted provided the answer.
Elephants rarely get cancer. As a matter of fact the large mammals have a 4.8% mortality rate from the deadly disease, while humans have a mortality rate upwards of 25% from Cancer. Researchers think that one of the reasons is that Elephants are born with 20 copies of a tumor suppressor gene called p53. Humans are born with only two copies of the gene. The gene kills off cells that try to divide and grow.
A coffee nap is something I've never heard of before reading this article, but now that I know I realize that I have taken plenty of these power type naps. Coffee nap energize me throughout the rest of the day. Find out the science behind a coffee nap over at The Daily Beast.
Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak did more than their part to help revolutionize computers. Since 1976 when Apple introduced their first computer, the industry has evolved along with the styles and power of computers. Check out some of Apple's most iconic computers introduced over the years.
Nathan Chandler, a furniture designer purchased a home that had been untouched since 1956. The house was sealed so the interior of the home remained exactly as it was in 1956. Check out this story at Bored Panda (via the above link) to see amazing photos of the kitchen. The fridge is mounted like a cabinet and the dishwasher pulls out of the counter.
For many of us one or even two monitors is not nearly enough. Especially if your daily routine includes switching between multiple spreadsheets and researching different subjects on the internet. It's an inconvenience to keep switching back and forth between tabs and wastes a ton of time.

With some of the new computers containing separate video cards, adding multiple monitors is fairly simple. However, if you happen to own an older laptop or one with on-board graphics things might be a bit more difficult. Though, adding an extra monitors is still very possible because there are a number of
UpperCut Story Of The Week Ending November 8th 2014. The 1964, 1965 Worlds Fair was a miraculous once in a lifetime event that positively affected the lives of so any that attended. The 1964-1965 Worlds Fair took place in Queens New York at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and featured items that had never before been introduced to the public. The first video phone was introduced at the fair as well as the first push button phone. The first push button phone signaled the end of the rotary phone. Also the 1964-1965 NYC Worlds Fair showcased the first ever color television. The fair took over 12K a