eBay, Inc., best known for its’ auction website eBay.com announced it would become independent from the payment service Paypal in 2015. Both eBay and Paypal will be publicly traded companies […]
Different projects produced with a 3D Printer.
Northrop Grumman Corp has won a five-year contract valued at up to $9.9 billion from the U.S. Air Force to modernize and support the B-2 stealth bomber, the Pentagon announced […]
The Asus Padfone X is a phone that can plug into a tablet screen, effectively giving you two devices in one. While neither the tablet nor the phone are best in class, together they're very compelling.
Facebook says it’s bringing more data into its interest-based ad targeting — specifically data from non-Facebook websites and mobile apps. So even if your profile doesn’t say anything about your […]
TECHNOLOGY AND HANDCRAFTING TRADITION COMES TOGETHER WITH SAMSUNG SMART BIKE. Thanks to the great experience of Maestro Giovanni Pelizzoli -- a world famed frame…
Facebook aims to create rival to Snapchat Thanks for checking us out. Please take a look at the rest of our videos and articles. To stay in the loop, bookmark […]
A senior company executive said, smartphones as cheap as $25 powered by Mozilla Corp.’s software will be available in India and Indonesia later this year. Mozilla has been pitching its […]