Lonnie Mimms decided to save the first computers he ever owned. As time passed he kept adding to his collection of computers and now has one of the worlds rarest and most valuable vintage computer collections. Lonnie is hoping to turn the collection into a museum. Watch the video over at News Stop to learn more about Lonnies incredible vintage computer collection.
Take a look at some of the most incredible Diva's in TV history over the years and their iconic styles. Featured Diva's include Catwoman (played first by Julie Newmar and then by Eartha Kitt) from the 1960's Batman and Robin TV series - Nellie Oleson (played by Alison Arngrim) from the 1970's TV show Little House on the Prairie - Abby Ewing (played by Donna Mills) from the 1970's and 1980's TV show Knots Landing - Alexis Carrington from the 1980's TV show Dynasty - Amanda Woodward (played by Heather Locklear) (played by Jada Pinkett-Smith) from the 1980's TV show Melrose Place - Wilhelmina Sl
Researchers pushed data through a fibre optic cable at a blistering 12,000 kilometers and were able to deciphered the data after it traveled the length of the cable. Normally, the faster data is pushed through a fibre optic cable, the more distorted the data becomes, making it unreadable by the time it travels the length of a cable. This new technology could lead to faster internet because the data used in the study pushed through at 12,000 kilometers traveled through the cables with standard amplifiers and no repeaters - basically the same cables used to provide internet to the masses.
Many of us dream about coming up with a great idea for a website and morphing it into a phenomenal entrepreneurial success. However, those success stories don't come easy and often take years of hard work and dedication. Additionally, there are many unknown truths regarding some of the tech industries top entrepreneurs. For instance the entrepreneurial lifestyle does not always start out glorious. Both Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) started their companies out of a garage and often had to pull all-nighters. This story discusses 12 hidden truths of entrepreneurial life.
The winner of the first Mario Fratti Award for Emerging Italian Authors, a program of the In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY, is "Via Dei Capocci" by Carlotta Corradi. The play, a story of prostitution that jumps from present to past, will be staged as a reading on June 23 at 7:00 PM at Theater for the New City (155 First Ave.) as an event of the Festival.
A feral pig has swiped multiple 6-packs of beer and is running amok at the Pilbara Camp sites in Australia by the DeGrey River rest stop. The wild pig has been causing a ruckus by going through almost anything left behind. However, the wiley wild boar shows a special fondness to any beer cans left out by visitors. One camper recalls the following: "It was in the middle of the night and it was these people camping opposite us and they heard this crunching of the can and they got their torch out and shone it on the pig and there he was scrunching away at their cans."
Yes, it's basically a big ad for Friskies cat food, but this video is so well done that it's almost hard to believe you're watching a commercial (until the actual sales pitch, anyway).

A very long read, but well worth the time. Scientists suspect a major cause of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's could be the air we breathe. "The air that reaches us is replete with fine and ultrafine particles—specks of waste at least 36 times finer than a grain of sand, often riddled with toxic combinations of sulfate, nitrate and ammonium ions, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals. Though we have long known that these tiny particles cause and exacerbate respiratory problems—like asthma and infections and cancers of the lungs—they are also suspected to contribute to a diverse range of disorders, from