Recently astronomers discovered a low-mass, low-density exoplanet orbiting a distant star. And because the yearly period (PH3c) is unpredictable and varies greatly it is nearly imposable to keep track of time on the planet. I guess on the bright side if it were inhabited - and if you're late for a meeting ... no worries ... it's not your fault.
An aerial videographer was shooting some video at a park with his remote control drone quadcopter when a young Hawk decided to establish his/her territory. The Hawk swooped down on the quadcopter nailing it with his/her talons sending the aerial drone spiraling to the ground. The Hawk clearly won the battle and most importantly wasn't injured during the fight.
A floating bicycle path has been proposed for a river running through London. The path would stretch about 10 miles along the bank of the river to provide a safe car and pollution free route for cyclist. The floating path would also help alleviate traffic and offers vast, untapped potential to ease and improve London's infrastructure problems. Ramps along the route would allow cyclists to disembark from the floating route. Plus, there might be a number of stopping points and refreshment kiosks if approved.

The cost of construction would be quite steep and cyclist would be charged a flat r
Season 5 of the The Walking Dead is set to premier on AMC October 12th, 2014 at 9/8 central. We finally get to see our favorite Zombie Hunters Rick, Daryl, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita in action. The Walking Dead has a large following of loyal fans anxiously awaiting the start of what may be the best and most thrilling season yet.
Technology of days past verses today's modern technology. It's funny when you look back at older technology and think about how it has evolved over the years. The technology in today's small handheld cellphones are more advanced than the technology NASA developed to send man to the moon. All gadgets today are digital, sleeker, smaller and more refined.
Defenders of Wildlife is trying to help save the endangered Red Wolves. At one time the Red Wolf was found across the entire southeastern United States and their population was thriving. Now their only habitat is the eastern forests of North Carolina. Their population has dwindled so much over the years that the Red Wolf is to the point of near extinction. Take Action and help the breed of the Red Wolf survive and thrive for many years to come.
Take a new look at the movie trailer for Benedict Cumberbatch’s World War II thriller/drama THE IMITATION GAME, about efforts to crack German codes & nudge the allies towards victory. The film stars Keira Knightley and is expected to be released in the United States in mid November..
Ferrari is pleased to announce the Paris Motor Show world debut of the 458 Speciale A (A as in Aperta).The new limited edition special series is a celebration of the dazzling success of the various ve