Original photography remastered with 3D graphics bring the Mercedes-Benz legendary Silver Arrow Grand Prix racers of the 1930's along with other famous brands, back to life as never before seen in this day and age. The idea of the images is to insure the cars look as real and exact as they were when racing in the 1930's. Previously, only small amounts of original material was found of the silver arrow racers, but with todays technology it was enough to re-master into high quality 3D images.
The Dusty Loft 1869 3 Cent Nickel - 1869 3 Cent Nickel Condition: Fine Description: Full clear date, full Liberty, and defined rim. *Rare Date* Please see the below scans for additional details.
Foster Huntington, a well known photographer and blogger spent three years traveling in his van before he decided he wanted to a place to call home. So he decided to build a treehouse… an EPIC treehouse. This is actually more than just a tree house it's more like an entire multilevel area of coolness in Portland, Oregon. The multi-level treehouse has two separate treehouses (one for the living area and the other is a guest house / studio), a skate dome for skateboarding, a hottub and a terrace with spectacular views. All-in-all the treehouse cost about $100k to build. Foster Huntington said
Mazda's rotary powered cars like the RX-7's and RX-8's have a cult like following due to their unique rotary engine. However, both have been discontinued. Now there is news that Mazda plans to start production on a new RX-7 by 2020 and an all new rotary car called the RX-9 by 2017. The RX-9 will feature a mid mounted 16X (renesis 2) hybrid rotary engine. The RX-7 will be similar to RX-7's of the past - a two seater with an emphasis on performance.
U Boat Worx has designed a small, light weight Submarine designed to fit on the majority of super-yachts. I's not much larger than your average lifeboat, but probably a lot more fun and much safer as you can simply dive below sea level when a storm approaches. The compact Super Yacht Sub 3 can carry up to three people, it's high performing, maneuverable and has air conditioning.
One lucky gold prospector found an enormous gold nugget with his metal detector in San Francisco, California. The gold prospector had rented a metal detector at a nearby business specifically to try and find buried gold nuggets. The area once was a gold mining hot spot in the 1800's, but no one expected an extremely large gold nugget to be found in this day and age. The gold nugget is about the size of a softball and is expected to sell for around 450K.
Amazon Echo an all around personal helper. Echo responds to human voices and dishes out a wide variety of information. Echo can answer questions, speak the time, speak the weather, play music, tell jokes, record lists and even be used as an alarm clock.

When Amazon.com was launched it was only an online bookstore. Then Amazon started selling music and products before morphing into a retail website that sells an enormous assortment of products and a company which innovates new products such as the Kindle and Amazon Echo.
A private collector recently released spectacular unseen photos of the Titanic before it sank. The ship was constructed and stored at the Harland & Wolff shipyard before ever being released in the water. These photos of the Titanic show the ship in the actual shipyard and also in the water after being launched. The Titanic then took a short journey to Belfast, Northern Ireland where it picked up passengers and started its maiden voyage to New York City.