Learn how to make delicious 4-ingredient blueberry muffins within a half hour. All you need is melted vanilla ice cream, flower, baking powder and blueberries. These muffins are perfect for breakfast, brunch or a late night snack.
Your wireless router may be putting your health in danger, but there are some steps you can take to reduce the risks. When possible use Ethernet cables to connect directly to your computer. Turn off your wireless router and wireless computers when not in use - especially at night.

Wireless routers can be a dangerous source of EMFs (electromagnetic radiation), and if you can do without them, you can greatly improve your family's health. If not, cutting back on the use of other electronics can help reduce the total radiation to which your family is exposed.

Loopwheels do away with conventional spokes and suspension in favour of three carbon fibre springs or limbs. The shocks are inside the tire and mounted against the wheel instead of on the fork. The idea is that this wheel offers integral suspension and in-turn additional comfort to the rider by flexing in a way that a conventional wheel never could.
Xeros came up with an innovative nearly waterless washing machine system that uses stain-sucking plastic beads to reduce the amount of water needed per load of wash to just one cup. That translates to enormous savings not only financially but also environmentally. A regular washing machine uses up to 55 gallons of water per load and needs to use a substantial amount of electricity in order to heat the water.

The nylon polymer beads act like a magnet for stains. They were created with polymer chains that separate slightly in the presence of humidity, allowing stains to be absorbed and locke
If you like being creative by writing comic strips, or comic books, but lack artistic ability than the above link is one you should check out. There are ten different sites which allow you to create your own comic even if you don't draw. You can create your own characters including super-heros and tell a story within your comic book or strip. Below are a few of the sites that allow your to create your own comic.
Create Your Own Comic Book or Comic Strip Online By Marvel:
Create Yourself as a cartoon character:
Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset owned by Facebook is expected to sell for a very modest price compared to virtual reality headsets currently on the market . The VR Headset is expected to be released in 2015 and sell for between $200 and $400. Users of the Oculus Rift can play video games, watch movies, watch music videos, and use applications designed by developers.
Many of us dream about coming up with a great idea for a website and morphing it into a phenomenal entrepreneurial success. However, those success stories don't come easy and often take years of hard work and dedication. Additionally, there are many unknown truths regarding some of the tech industries top entrepreneurs. For instance the entrepreneurial lifestyle does not always start out glorious. Both Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) started their companies out of a garage and often had to pull all-nighters. This story discusses 12 hidden truths of entrepreneurial life.
It is well known that trans fat is not healthy to eat because it is extremely bad for the heart. It can cause obesity, aggression, and diabetes. However, there is another reason to cut back on eating foods like cookies or margarine, which contain high levels of trans fat in order to help increase shelf life. A new study shows that eating trans fat may damage memory causing memory loss.