New breakthroughs and the lower costs of Virtual Reality headsets may have a lasting and positive impact on their industry. The lower prices and new technology should help VR headsets achieve widespread consumer adoption. Plus, leading software and video game companies have invested heavily in Virtual Reality.
Cryobot a robot designed by NASA to tunnel through thick ice caps and penetrate subterranean seas may be the perfect robot to one day tunnel underground through the icy oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa. Scientists believe there is potential for habitable life on Europa and even the possibility of finding life deep within the oceans. The mission to Europa is still in development, but is expected to be implemented and the mission initiated by the year 2025.
The Jet Bike is capable of hitting speeds of more than 400mph. This ultra fast motorcycle is powered by a helicopter engine and will attempt to beat a speed of 377mph (the current two-wheeled land-speed record). The attempt will take place at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in September, 2015.

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The technology used for 3D printing has come a long ways over the last few years. 3D printers now come in all different sizes. They are able to print metal items, plastic items and can print them in different colors. The state of 3D printing is strong. 3D printers are now commonly found in homes, online stores, and businesses. There are even some supermarkets offering 3D printing services. With that said Pocket-lint takes a look at some of the coolest and craziest items printed with a 3D printers.

Some of the items include: a Rapid Racer powered by a 18V drill printed at Hawk University -
Spare Parts is one of those books that is simply impossible to put down. Sleeping, working, eating – forget-about-it – they'll all take a back seat to this powerful and enjoyable true story. Spare Parts is a feel good story about four poverty stricken U.S. immigrant teenagers and their two teachers. The four students, armed with their teachers unconditional belief in them, end up designing an award winning submersible ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) containing design patterns now used by the United States Navy. Spare Parts reads like a fairy tale, but this incredible true story takes readers o
Spike Vain from the XrayVisionDesigns has come up with a way recycle animal x-rays and turn them into into very interesting looking lampshades. The lampshades are defiantly different and unique and far from your normal flower pattern lampshade. However, there is a certain coolness about them, which at the very least will spark interesting conversation.

Take a look at some of the most incredible Diva's in TV history over the years and their iconic styles. Featured Diva's include Catwoman (played first by Julie Newmar and then by Eartha Kitt) from the 1960's Batman and Robin TV series - Nellie Oleson (played by Alison Arngrim) from the 1970's TV show Little House on the Prairie - Abby Ewing (played by Donna Mills) from the 1970's and 1980's TV show Knots Landing - Alexis Carrington from the 1980's TV show Dynasty - Amanda Woodward (played by Heather Locklear) (played by Jada Pinkett-Smith) from the 1980's TV show Melrose Place - Wilhelmina Sl
Amazon is selling a cool little rechargeable cork-light that will turn your old bottles into stunning lamps. The light will glow through the bottle and assume the color of the bottle. So if your bottle has a blue tint it will give off a blue glow. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to recycle your old bottles by using them as unique lamps that could double as a cool conversational piece of art.