Airless tires are closer to production than ever before. This new airless tire could eliminate the possibility of getting a flat tire while driving and potentially cut down on the number of roadside accidents. These airless tires are energy efficient and recyclable. The Hankook Iflex airless tires are still in testing, but so far has matched the performance of conventional tires.
Researchers pushed data through a fibre optic cable at a blistering 12,000 kilometers and were able to deciphered the data after it traveled the length of the cable. Normally, the faster data is pushed through a fibre optic cable, the more distorted the data becomes, making it unreadable by the time it travels the length of a cable. This new technology could lead to faster internet because the data used in the study pushed through at 12,000 kilometers traveled through the cables with standard amplifiers and no repeaters - basically the same cables used to provide internet to the masses.
Sunscreen is essential to reduce your risk of skin cancer, but most American's don't use it. Ultraviolet light comes directly from the sun. The harmful results of Ultraviolet light (otherwise know as UV Rays) is damaged skin and the risk of skin cancer, including melanoma - an extremely aggressive form of cancer. Sunscreen can help prevent exposure to UV rays, but many people don't use it or don't use it properly. If you're one of those people that don't use sunscreen - you probably should. Find out how to use sunscreen properly by reading the linked article.
A very long read, but well worth the time. Scientists suspect a major cause of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's could be the air we breathe. "The air that reaches us is replete with fine and ultrafine particles—specks of waste at least 36 times finer than a grain of sand, often riddled with toxic combinations of sulfate, nitrate and ammonium ions, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals. Though we have long known that these tiny particles cause and exacerbate respiratory problems—like asthma and infections and cancers of the lungs—they are also suspected to contribute to a diverse range of disorders, from
Lonnie Mimms decided to save the first computers he ever owned. As time passed he kept adding to his collection of computers and now has one of the worlds rarest and most valuable vintage computer collections. Lonnie is hoping to turn the collection into a museum. Watch the video over at News Stop to learn more about Lonnies incredible vintage computer collection.
Recently, a new species of yeti crab was discovered in Antarctica. This little yeti crab is eyeless, lives in the dark about 2,500 meters below the surface of the Southern Ocean and thrives in tough conditions on Antarctic hydrothermal vents. The Yeti Crab live in communities and are often found in groups of 500 plus yeti crabs crammed together into one square meter.
LEGO has released a full-functioning 1:14 scale remote control BAJA Truck. The truck is 15-inches in length and can do just about everything the same as an actual drivable BAJA truck. LEGO's RC truck comes with a fully articulate long-travel suspension, full-droop live rear axle, and reaches speeds of 9 mph. If translated to life-size the 9mph is equivalent to going 126mph in the full-size version of the truck. That speed is almost exactly on par with the actual full-size BAJA being sold today.
Microsoft's new version of Windows - Windows 10 - is set to be released on July 29, 2015. The great thing about Windows 10 is it is a free upgrade for Windows 7 with service pack 1 and 8.1 users. Though, you will have to upgrade with in the first year for it to be free. Windows 10 is also considered to be a substantial overall improvement compared to Windows 8.1. Security has been enhanced and all applications are able to run on the actual desktop.