The great promise of stem cells may finally be getting close for multiple sclerosis patients.
Spike Vain from the XrayVisionDesigns has come up with a way recycle animal x-rays and turn them into into very interesting looking lampshades. The lampshades are defiantly different and unique and far from your normal flower pattern lampshade. However, there is a certain coolness about them, which at the very least will spark interesting conversation.

Jane the Virgin is coming to the CW this fall, and we caught up with Andrea Navevdo to talk about her role in the groundbreaking show. Warning…tissues not included! She […]
Cryobot a robot designed by NASA to tunnel through thick ice caps and penetrate subterranean seas may be the perfect robot to one day tunnel underground through the icy oceans of Jupiter's moon Europa. Scientists believe there is potential for habitable life on Europa and even the possibility of finding life deep within the oceans. The mission to Europa is still in development, but is expected to be implemented and the mission initiated by the year 2025.
Millions of people all over the world ride bicycles as a means of transportation, for exercise, for sport or just for enjoyment. However, one of the big drawback concerning bicycling is the ability to easily transport larger items safely while riding. With the invention of the Trego bicycle dolly that all changed. The dolly / handcart attaches to the front of most bicycles turning your two wheeler into a three wheel bicycle with extra carrying ability. When you're done transporting groceries, packages or whatever, just unhook the dolly and your original bicycle is back as it was and ready fo
LEGO has released a full-functioning 1:14 scale remote control BAJA Truck. The truck is 15-inches in length and can do just about everything the same as an actual drivable BAJA truck. LEGO's RC truck comes with a fully articulate long-travel suspension, full-droop live rear axle, and reaches speeds of 9 mph. If translated to life-size the 9mph is equivalent to going 126mph in the full-size version of the truck. That speed is almost exactly on par with the actual full-size BAJA being sold today.
Your wireless router may be putting your health in danger, but there are some steps you can take to reduce the risks. When possible use Ethernet cables to connect directly to your computer. Turn off your wireless router and wireless computers when not in use - especially at night.

Wireless routers can be a dangerous source of EMFs (electromagnetic radiation), and if you can do without them, you can greatly improve your family's health. If not, cutting back on the use of other electronics can help reduce the total radiation to which your family is exposed.

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