Nathan Chandler, a furniture designer purchased a home that had been untouched since 1956. The house was sealed so the interior of the home remained exactly as it was in 1956. Check out this story at Bored Panda (via the above link) to see amazing photos of the kitchen. The fridge is mounted like a cabinet and the dishwasher pulls out of the counter.
Lonnie Mimms decided to save the first computers he ever owned. As time passed he kept adding to his collection of computers and now has one of the worlds rarest and most valuable vintage computer collections. Lonnie is hoping to turn the collection into a museum. Watch the video over at News Stop to learn more about Lonnies incredible vintage computer collection.
Recently, a new species of yeti crab was discovered in Antarctica. This little yeti crab is eyeless, lives in the dark about 2,500 meters below the surface of the Southern Ocean and thrives in tough conditions on Antarctic hydrothermal vents. The Yeti Crab live in communities and are often found in groups of 500 plus yeti crabs crammed together into one square meter.
LEGO has released a full-functioning 1:14 scale remote control BAJA Truck. The truck is 15-inches in length and can do just about everything the same as an actual drivable BAJA truck. LEGO's RC truck comes with a fully articulate long-travel suspension, full-droop live rear axle, and reaches speeds of 9 mph. If translated to life-size the 9mph is equivalent to going 126mph in the full-size version of the truck. That speed is almost exactly on par with the actual full-size BAJA being sold today.
Spare Parts is one of those books that is simply impossible to put down. Sleeping, working, eating – forget-about-it – they'll all take a back seat to this powerful and enjoyable true story. Spare Parts is a feel good story about four poverty stricken U.S. immigrant teenagers and their two teachers. The four students, armed with their teachers unconditional belief in them, end up designing an award winning submersible ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) containing design patterns now used by the United States Navy. Spare Parts reads like a fairy tale, but this incredible true story takes readers o
Amazon is selling a cool little rechargeable cork-light that will turn your old bottles into stunning lamps. The light will glow through the bottle and assume the color of the bottle. So if your bottle has a blue tint it will give off a blue glow. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to recycle your old bottles by using them as unique lamps that could double as a cool conversational piece of art.
Xeros came up with an innovative nearly waterless washing machine system that uses stain-sucking plastic beads to reduce the amount of water needed per load of wash to just one cup. That translates to enormous savings not only financially but also environmentally. A regular washing machine uses up to 55 gallons of water per load and needs to use a substantial amount of electricity in order to heat the water.

The nylon polymer beads act like a magnet for stains. They were created with polymer chains that separate slightly in the presence of humidity, allowing stains to be absorbed and locke
Foster Huntington, a well known photographer and blogger spent three years traveling in his van before he decided he wanted to a place to call home. So he decided to build a treehouse… an EPIC treehouse. This is actually more than just a tree house it's more like an entire multilevel area of coolness in Portland, Oregon. The multi-level treehouse has two separate treehouses (one for the living area and the other is a guest house / studio), a skate dome for skateboarding, a hottub and a terrace with spectacular views. All-in-all the treehouse cost about $100k to build. Foster Huntington said