Professor Victor Boucher of the University of Montreal's Department of Linguistics and Translation explains "We knew that repeating aloud was good for memory, but this is the first study to show that if it is done in a context of communication, the effect is greater in terms of information recall," The Professor goes on to say "The simple fact of articulating without making a sound creates a sensorimotor link that increases our ability to remember, but if it is related to the functionality of speech, we remember even more,"

It is common knowledge that there is a Pluto-size ball of burning solid iron at the very core of earth. However, how do we know for certain? We're talking about something 1,800 miles underground and burning hot. A Reddit member asked the question “How do we know that there is a Pluto-size ball of solid iron that makes up Earth’s inner core?” and UpVoted provided the answer.
Elephants rarely get cancer. As a matter of fact the large mammals have a 4.8% mortality rate from the deadly disease, while humans have a mortality rate upwards of 25% from Cancer. Researchers think that one of the reasons is that Elephants are born with 20 copies of a tumor suppressor gene called p53. Humans are born with only two copies of the gene. The gene kills off cells that try to divide and grow.
Sunscreen is essential to reduce your risk of skin cancer, but most American's don't use it. Ultraviolet light comes directly from the sun. The harmful results of Ultraviolet light (otherwise know as UV Rays) is damaged skin and the risk of skin cancer, including melanoma - an extremely aggressive form of cancer. Sunscreen can help prevent exposure to UV rays, but many people don't use it or don't use it properly. If you're one of those people that don't use sunscreen - you probably should. Find out how to use sunscreen properly by reading the linked article.
A very long read, but well worth the time. Scientists suspect a major cause of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's could be the air we breathe. "The air that reaches us is replete with fine and ultrafine particles—specks of waste at least 36 times finer than a grain of sand, often riddled with toxic combinations of sulfate, nitrate and ammonium ions, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals. Though we have long known that these tiny particles cause and exacerbate respiratory problems—like asthma and infections and cancers of the lungs—they are also suspected to contribute to a diverse range of disorders, from
The Rosetta Orbiter with Philae have been on a 10 year journey to land on Comet 67P. Comet 67P is about three miles wide and travels around the sun at enormous speeds. Its surface is filled with boulders and cliffs that make it very difficult to pull off a landing on the surface. Plus, at no time in the past has a spacecraft ever landed on a comet.

Today Philae successfully landed on the comet and the seventh world for which humans have landed a spacecraft. What makes this mission extra special is that we don't know much about the surface of comets and the data Philae may provide will be
Famous explorer Robert Falcon Scott died in 1912 while on an expedition with George Murray Levick in Antarctica. However, numerous items from his expedition have been discovered on the frozen continent at the bottom of the world. The latest is a century-old photographer's notebook found which has been surrounded in ice for the last 100 years. The notebook was kept by George Murray Levick, a surgeon and photographer who was part of Scott's early 1900's expedition. The notebook has been digitally recorded.
China unveiled their new J-31 Falcon Eagle stealth fighter jet at the country's premier airshow (Airshow China 2014 in Zhuhai). The J-31 Falcon Eagle took off in a near vertical climb and did a number of rolls during its flight at the airshow.

China normally doesn't display their military forces on a public stage such as an airshow, but the country appears keen to sell the J-31 Falcon Eagle abroad. The public display shows China's confidence in the jets ability and value.